I am looking for a translator and editor of Automaton West (English version Automaton).

As for the translation staff (business consignment contract), you will be able to translate the Japanese-English translation written in Japanese.

The main duties of editorial staff (contract employees) include searching for articles, Japanese or English translation of articles written in Japanese, writing in Japanese or English, and articles written in English. I will do it.

If you are confident and motivated to be able to make a site better, we look forward to your application.

[About Automaton]

Automaton Weston (English version Automaton) provides games/entertainment information related to Japan, focusing on English translation of news interview articles published in the Japanese version of Automaton. There are countless sites that handle news related to Japanese games. On our site, we picked up events that have become a hot topic in the Japanese industry and community that cannot be followed on such overseas sites. With the concept of facing the game in good faith and conveying correctly, we aim to create content that makes use of Japan’s viewpoints and context understanding.

[Human resources to seek]

(hereinafter, item to be requested for translation staff and editorial staff)

・ Those who have native-level English writing skills
A Japanese-English translation is generated based on articles and information sources written in Japanese. However, if you translate Japanese sentences directly, it tends to be an unnatural English sentence. Therefore, it is also necessary to adjust the flow and expression of sentences suitable for English, and to add a supplementary explanation for English-speaking countries. Native-level English writing skills, appropriate word choice, gaming industry and terms are required.

・ Semi-native level of Japanese reading comprehension
In business, the ability to accurately grasp the content and nuances of articles and sources written in Japanese. Reading articles written in Japanese may require not only simple reading but also information gathering to understand nuances. In addition, even incorrect and incomplete Japanese requires the ability to guess from the context.

Welcome experience
Japanese-English translation experience
Writing/editing/operation experience on the news site
I like games and play on a daily basis

(item to be requested by editing staff)

・ Those who have the proofreading/editing ability of English articles
Whether the translation of the articles written by the other staff is the same, the grammar is right, whether the information contained in the article is correct, or whether it is an article title (Headline) that can be read by English-speaking readers. Basic calibration is required. Check the source of information as well as the article itself. It is also necessary to make adjustments from the editor’s perspective, such as Is this sentence included?

・ Those who can find the story of the content, content
Our site mainly deals with games and entertainment-related events in Japan as an article. There are not many bulletin news that are already handled on overseas sites, such as simple new announcements and release date decision. Rather than the information of the game itself, we are pursuing events that have become a hot topic in the reaction of industry people and communities to such information and communities. It is necessary to put an antenna in such an industry and community trends and make it an article.

・ Those who like games
For games that are often handled as articles, it is easy to translate and write if you actually play, so it is important to play various games, collect information, and accumulate knowledge. It is preferable to have a wide range of interests in knowing what points are attracting readers.

・ Cooperation with other business areas
When operating an English version, it is necessary to work closely with the staff of the Japanese version of the site. In daily interactions and meetings in the department, there are some oral communication in Japanese. Sometimes it may be related to the work of the Japanese version (writing, proofreading, translation help, etc.).

type of contract

・ Translation staff
It will be a complete commission outsourcing contract. Working hours are consulted.
The translation rate is one Japanese character = 4 to 6 yen (fluctuating according to the translation power).
I work from home, and my place of residence is not in Japan and overseas.
It is necessary to own a bank account that can transfer rewards from Japan.

・ Edit staff
Start as a contract employee. Based on the results after joining the company and the wishes of the person, there is a possibility that regular employment will be reached in the future.
The salary will be consulted on individual consultation based on the ability and experience.

Due to the nature of the content of news, it tends to be difficult to grasp in advance when business will occur. Therefore, the work hours are not regular, but the discretionary labor system. We are looking for those who can operate flexibly. Monday to Friday is basically a job, but you can change your work day according to your wishes.

Working location is Active Gaming Media Osaka Office (1-12-6 Mutsuhito Industrial Building, 1-12-6 Nashik, Nashik, Osaka).
Or work from home.

・ Holiday: Saturday/Sunday/Holidays/New Year holidays
・ Paid vacation with paid leave (as noted)
・ Summer vacation available (possibility of change)
・ Congress leave
・ Commuting transportation expenses: Full payment (up to one month’s regular fee)
・ Others: Complete social insurance
・ VISA Support: We can support new application for residence, application for change in residence, and renewal of residence.
There are conditions for each application

[Selection process]

・ Translation staff

① Document screening
Please apply by email according to the following items.
Application e-mail address: Contact-en [@] automaton. Am
Email Source: English version Automaton staff application (translation)

·Full name
・ Contact email address
・ Division
・ Business available day & time zone (Japan time)
・ Motivation
・ Self-PR
・ If you have a portfolio (blog post, etc.) that can prove your language skills, please show me.

(2) For those who have passed the document screening, we will contact you by e-mail within 10 days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) about the second screening (test translation). Please note that no manuscript fee will be incurred for the second screening.

  • The results of the primary examination will be notified only to those who have passed.

③ In response to the test results, we conducted a web interview (1-2 times).

④ We will contact the successful applicants to contact us for the conclusion of the contract.

・ Edit staff

① Please apply by email along with your resume including the following information.
Application e-mail address: Contact-en [@] automaton. Am
Email Subject: English version Automaton staff application (edited)

Information included in your resume:
Full name
Contact email address
Desired work location (Osaka or at home)
Business history
If you have a portfolio (blog post, etc.) that can prove your language skills, please show me.

(2) The second screening will be performed for those who have passed the document screening. The second screening of the editorial staff applicants will be tested translation (Japanese-English translation) and test articles (writing in Japanese or English). Please note that no manuscript fee will be incurred in any case.

  • The results of the primary examination will be notified only to those who have passed.

③ In response to the test results, we conducted a web interview (1-2 times).