The League of Legends World Championship is the most anticipated event by all fans of competitive matches and a showcase through which Riot Games tries to ing big tournaments closer to fans of the less interested game on its sports side. However, the Worlds 2022 has become an odyssey for the company. After disabling ianna due to a bug, the players found that GEAR could be the next to be disabled and Darius was not working either very well . Absolute chaos for the studio, which could easily have avoided these problems.

Failures launch shadow on the 2022 World Cup

The League of Legends community had warned of the bugs we saw in the Worlds. In some cases more than a year in advance. However, in a season when we saw bugs in the competitive quite often , Riot Games did little about it. A situation that now manifests itself in a particularly painful way, raising reasonable criticism in the community and generating a question. What would happen if the World final suffered from a bug? It seems unlikely, but it is certainly a risk that no one should run.

Riot Games Behavior with Champions’ Failures When it comes to competitive is almost always the same. When the bug negatively affects the champion user, it is added to a list of known bugs for which the match cannot be paused. When the situation is reversed and the bug harms the opponent more or less noticeable, it is when deciding to disable it (if the bug is too reproduced), eliminate character and items combinations or let it run and use tools like the Chronogram (if the probability of the failure appears low).

In this sense, what happened in the 2022 World Cup is not particularly new, and Riot Games has its own action protocol. However, the frequency of failures is uncommon. Throughout the world stage of Worlds only 24 games have been played, and we saw how programming errors have emerged in three of them that can affect the result in one way or another. This is a high proportion in a first-rate competitive environment, where victory can only be decided in one way: the best player must win.

As for the reasons why so many bugs were found in the championship, the truth is that the whole community is looking for them. League of Legends is not a particularly ‘bugged’ game if we compare it with the rest of the market alternatives. However, it has the competitive system most accompanied by the planet and the failures in this area are particularly worrying due to its impact. Although it may be bothered if this happens in a ranked, we agree that losing a little MMR is not the same as being left out of the World Cup dispute.

Deepening the events that have affected the developer in recent months, Riot Games employees have repeatedly complained about the lack of resources. It is a situation that the company is trying to resolve and will surely improve in the coming weeks thanks to the introduction of the preseason of 2023. However, now the image crisis is already in formation and when the arrangements reach the League of Legends may be too late.