Call of Duty has been notorious in recent years due to the enormous size of the files of both games and their updates. We have all the information to let you know how much tooth this new version will generate on your hard drive. Here is our complete explanation of the War zone 2.0 download file size.


It should be a big surprise that is not looking for another mass discharge to enjoy the new version of War z1. While each platform is different, small PlayStation downloads should surprise everyone.

How big is War zone 2.0 download size? Answered

To download War zone 2.0 on PS5, they are only 38 GB for Modern Warfare 2, which we did not have, and then 3.2 GB for a content package. PS4 is even stranger because, for the same content, you are seeing a discharge of 3.5 GB.

However, once we started War zone 2.0 on PS5, the game needed 25 GB more. This means that, although the initial download is small, the files will decompress. So, although it has a small initial download, that is not indicative of the final size. PS4’s players will probably see another 15 GB or so.

Other reports say that this is approximately the same case for Xbox One and Series X | S, somewhere in the 10 GB baseball stadium. So it doesn’t matter what console you want to play, you are looking for a download of less than 50 GB at the beginning, but then it will be bigger from there. players are looking for a download of War zone 2.0 of approximately 18 GB, but considering that you are on a PC, you probably need 50 GB.

This is all you need to know about the size of the War zone 2.0 download file. If you want to know something you are getting to the new War zone, the Call of Duty site offers an excellent general description to enter the game.

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