The runic call is the special abilities used by area and Free in God of War Ragnarök. Aura uses ghostly animals, such as a frantic Capricorn and one of the emotions of Attack, while Freya uses her blades and magic. They can harm the enemies, cleaning large stripes from them, or can save Rates from troubles if the battle goes awry. But when aura and Freya will open the opportunity to use these skills?

How to use runic call in God of War Ragnarök

As for the area, he will receive his first runic call after the first bypass in Álfheimr. This is a short way in the game, so patience is required. As for Free, it is equipped by default with a runic appeal. There are four runic calls for each character, many of which are in legendary chests or are awards for the execution of overfed. Thus, this is useful if players run the risk of turning from the beaten path.

Players should press the square button to use the runic call, playing for Rates. Otherwise, playing at AURA, hold L1 and also click R2 to untie the current equipped runic call. Do not forget that runic calls can also increase the level, improving their damage and other effects, so put some of these experiences in your favorite to really increase the rate. This is all you need to use a runic call. Good luck in your travels to nine kingdoms!

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