Joy City (CEO CHO Sung-won) announced on the 24th that it has been updated for Thanksgiving at the basketball game ‘3ON3 FREESTYLE’.


First, Sara and Noah’s transcendental grade was liberated. Sara is a small forward with strength in breakthrough and shot. Through this transcendence, it is possible to strengthen the linkage in the breakthrough or play a second chance. Noah has three kinds of transcendental skills related to breakthrough, shot and pass with a versatile shooting guard.

With this update, exclusive costumes and videos with the theme of Sara and Noah’s new appearance were released. In the video, Sara and Noah appear in the costumes of rappers and cyborg concepts, respectively.

In addition, various events will be held to commemorate Thanksgiving. By December 6, a special pick event will be held to obtain various discount promotions and limited costumes. In addition, the 3ON3 play event and the Black Friday weekend buff event are expected to be easier to foster characters during the event.

More information about ‘3ON3 Freestyle’ can be found on the official website.