If someone needs any more proof of to what extent Marvel Snap is a genius at the design level, this Agatha Harkness deck is all he needs to surrender at the foot of Ben Broke.

What starts as a useless and chaotic letter, its ability is to start in your hand and play your cards to your ball in a completely random and unexpected way, it becomes a puzzle in which your brains squeeze to take advantage of Agatha. And it’s possible. Go if you can.

The best Agatha Harkness deck in Marvel Snap

By popular request after our last Marvel Snap guide with the Master Negative deck, today we approach how to have Agatha Harkness in your hand and that the game is completely under your control.

The key is that, when you start in your hand, the number of letters with which you start the game is greater than in any other deck, which is already a plus, but despite this you must control the millimeter everything What happens next.

Agatha will play a letter whenever he can and, when he has the possibility of playing herself. Will also do it. In general, that would not happen until turn six, when the table will have already become a complete union, but there is a way of deceiving it.

Domino, who will not start in the hand and will arrive just in time for turn two, will be the only letter that Agatha can play. After that, you will only have two options for turn three, or Wave or Lady Sigh. Wave will change all letters at cost four, which means that Agatha can play herself at that time.

Lady Sigh, on the other hand, will rule out Agatha’s letter (remember that America Chavez does not reach the six) returning the control and allowing us to lower it to the table from turn four with the ability of Ghost Rider. Very bad luck we have to have so that, in turn four, we already have Agatha and its 14 points at stake.


From here it is your thing, either to clean with Shang-Chi where there is conflict, reduce the cost of your cards with it or, as a master play, put Taskmaster on the table in turn five to copy the 14 points of Agatha. The game is already yours.

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