Yesterday was a new advance by Super Mario Bros. The film, a film that is very expected in recent years, that is due to Nintendo’s own collaboration with Illumination Studios. And although for many there were enough new images, it seems that in other territories they want to show more footage.


Through social networks a television commercial of the film was shared, which is apparently in a language in Europe (although we could be wrong). There you can see how Toad teaches Mario to use the pipes, a scene that did not come out in the second advance and the first 1. So fans will surely be happy to see it.

Chicago here:

We could appreciate the first advance of the tape last month, so it would not be surprise that the third we see until January or February so that the promotion by the tape continues to grow. For now, we have already seen the main characters of the franchise, although Seth Rogen needs to listen to Donkey Kong, since in the video he says nothing.

Remember that the film opens on March 30.

Via: NGC

Editor’s note: I only hope that there are few trailers shown, because now many companies have the bad habit of revealing everything in advances. We will have to wait a few more months to be in that cinemas.