With its mythical robotics and the variety of its designs, the Transformers license appears as the best soil for computer game.
And yet current examples are rare.
Following the return of the Movie theater Transformers license, at the Milan of the first years 2000, the computer game was as soon as again mapped from these giant robots.
This caused extremities as transformers: the game in 2007, transformers 3: the concealed face of the moon in 2011 or transformers: Increase of the Dark Glow in 2014. We had to wait till 2015 and transformers: Devastation, to
Have a title paying a genuine homage to the saga.
And since then, Autobots simply as much as Decisions have been uncommon.


This silence could well vaporize.
Undoubtedly, after a first echo worrying possible cutscenes drawn from an ethereal transformers task Rise under the aegis of particular affinity, these are now concept art that relaunch the topic.
The latter originated from the ArtStation page of Visual Designer Eliezer Gorillas, operating in the Mighty Canvas Studio Visual Components.
GORILLAS clearly reveals the color by mentioning that this art work come from a Transfers video game which has actually not yet been revealed.
He continues by discussing that he had the satisfaction of working on this task by looking after Kart, the style of environments, characters, vehicles, or even weapons.
Obviously, no publisher or development studio is discussed, and even less the insurance coverage that the project is still alive.