In the game Midnight Suns from Marvel you will solve various complex puzzles.
But rewards for complex puzzles are worth making every effort to solve them.
As part of the riddle, constant stones, players will have to touch the stones with engraved runes in the midnight sun in a certain order, which can confuse.
If you go to the area of standing stones, you will find a riddle with the runes standing stones.
In this area there is a central path surrounded by five huge stones.

You must activate the stones in the correct order to solve this riddle.
In this leadership you will find the complete information that you must follow to solve the puzzle with the standing stones in Midnight Suns Marvel.

How to complete the riddle of standing stones in Midnight Suns?

You must get to the Standing Stones area on the map.
There you will find a place in the middle with a stone with a symbol.
You must stand on a stone and pronounce a word of power,-to show.
After that, you will find that there are signs on all stones.
Now you just need to touch the stones in the correct order to open part of the puzzle.
Follow the pictures below to correctly solve the puzzle.
Please note that the order may differ for you.
If so, check the sequence of strange glyphs within the abbey to find the right order of passage.

the first stone

Second stone

Third Stone

fourth stone

Fifth Stone

After the correct decision of the puzzle with standing stones, you will receive the legendary sorceress’s chest on the same platform where you said an open word.
To open a chest, you must have secret keys.


When you open the chest, you will receive the following items:
57 loans
Night Shift (legendary palette)
Hell born (Epic support for the whole head)
Infer Maximus (legendary head support)