Cup head is a unique and beautiful game that deserves more attention. It’s one of those games that’s hard to categorize, but it’s certainly been a success for indie studio MDHR.

We have actually understood this given that last October, Cup head is picking up on the front of the stage thanks to the release of the physical variations of the video game. Five years after its initial dematerialized release on PC and Xbox, here is one
The best platforms in recent years have actually been pleased to come back to a pretty setting.

Whether on Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch, it is for that reason possible to get their hands on these material editions, which likewise include the DLC The Delicious Last Course, 6 Cup head Funnies gathering cards, a member card of Club Cup head
and an exclusive visual of the MDHR studio.
Know that it will have taken 5 years to consider this desire if the studio has actually always wanted to commemorate its game outside the main blinds.
Understand that a collector’s edition with a handmade puppet and painted by hand is also for sale exclusively on the IAM8BIT site.
On the other hand, we will need to release $199.99.