Indie Game Platform Stove Indie, operated by Smile gate Stove (CEO Han Jong-un), announced on Thursday that it has officially launched the love of love than the favorite GL game of GL Game developed by Japanese developer SUKERASORO.

The love of love is the first work of Skirasumero, a sister of Sukerasparo, a famous Japanese GL game producer, and is the strongest female student with the strongest luck with Yahoo City, an take office worker.

It contains the contents of the two main characters of Furutaziren, which began with the wrong misunderstanding.

In addition, the game is a 15-year-old age rating and is characterized by a bright romance visual Nobel.
The kidney, hobbies, and birthdays of the characters in the game are delicately set to enhance the immersion of the story.
In particular, Korea’s popular illustrator Smile, who was in charge of drawing in various games and light novels, was in charge of character design, and the voice actor full voice of the characters is also supported.

Stop Indie will also offer discount events and limited goods using the game’s IP until the 28th to commemorate the official launch of love rather than the favorite love of love.
First, it will be discounted based on 40%of the official sales price in the stove and offers an additional 1,000 won discount coupon.

Stove Indie also offers two photo cards and illustration stickers for all buyers of the game.
Among the users who retweet the love of love rather than the favorite love of Stove Indie, three kinds of stoves limited goods (Illustration Tin Case, SD Character key ring, Illustrated button mirror) will be presented.


Finally, after-play, the users who leave the reviews are given the SD character key ring through the lottery.

For more information about the love of love than Stove Indie’s newest love, you can find it on the Stove Indie page.