The IS series celebrated its 35th anniversary this year.


While many believed that an important advertisement would not be carried out, especially considering that we are just a few days after finishing 2022, recently a delivery was announced completely for the IS, as well as a remastering.
As part of the ads that were made at the Annual Falcon Board, two new projects were revealed for next year.
The first of these is a totally new installment, known as Is X: Nordics, which will arrive at Nintendo Switch in Japan next year.
This delivery takes place in Northern Ofelia Bay, formed by innumerable large and small islands, and is starring the young adventurer known as Adolf Christian.
This is the official description:

After completing his adventures in the ancient kingdom of Is, the young adventurer Adolf Christian meets a maritime town known as Normans in this new land.
Who are they?
And who are the Grievers, dead immortal dead that attack humans…?

The battle system used up to IS IX: Mon strum NOX has been drastically renewed!
The new Cross Action system allows the player to fight in two modes according to the situation.
In the fast mode alone, the player controls a character with the help of automatic attacks and the support of his partner.
In the combined mode, the player can simultaneously control a series of actions so that both characters face formidable enemies in a round-trip fight.

In addition, is x: Nordics allows you to control a ship for the first time in the series.
Explore vast oceans using marine maps as a guide and participate in naval battles against enemy ships, in this new characteristic that adds to the joy of the adventure by which the series is known.
Other new systems include MANA’s special ability, which significantly expands the degree of freedom in fields and dungeons.
Together with IS X: Nordics, Falcon also confirmed a remastering of IS: The Oath in Belgian, the PSP classic, which will now be known as Is Memoir: The Oath in Belgian.
This delivery will reach the switch in the spring of 2023 in Japan.
This final edition will feature voices for the protagonist and scenes of events in the game, graphics and soundsterized sound, the ability to change between images (classic and refined), multiple sound configurations, a high speed mode and friendly features for the new
Remember, IS X: Nordics will arrive at the switch at some point in 2023, while Is Memoir: The Oath in Belgian will be available on the same console in the spring next year.

It is important to mention that at the moment they are only confirmed for Japan, and it is unknown when they would be available in the rest of the world.
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Editor’s note:
It is good to see that a series so loved by a niche not only has a new installment, but a remastering is also on its way.
Although I have never had the opportunity to play a IS game, I think Nordics could well be my entrance point.