Games are often the subject of breaking news for people who love to find hidden messages, backdoors, and other little extras. In this article, you’ll read about one such discovery in the game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion that is certainly not what was intended by its creators.

The developers of Crisis Core: Last Fantasy VII Reunion apparently made a humiliating error.
The image of a painting was utilized in the role-playing video game of Square Enix, but the watermark can still be seen.
The image of the artist John Crowther shows the Lydgate Circus in London.
The watermark is the logo of Getty Images, a popular image agency from the U.S.A.
The picture depends on numerous places in the remake of the former PSP title.
It is uncertain whether you simply forgot to replace a placeholder or it happened on purpose.
A comparable case happened in 2021.


At that time, images without licenses in Captors Local Evil 4, Devil May Cry and other titles were utilized.
Both games were later on able to concur.