We continue with the follies of Tom Cruise and his action scenes for the next and expected impossible mission 7, a film that will be releed in July 2023 and that in Spain receives the generous mission title: impossible-mortal sentence Part I. so much so is, that after thanking the support of the fans to Top Gun Maverick throwing from a plane in full flight, Paramount Pictures shares a new Making of the new mission installment impossible, this time, through a trailer behind the camer of almost
10 minutes in which we see how the most dangerous action scene ever shot and that you can see on these lines.
Of course, it h no wte.

The most dangerous madness of Tom Cruise for M: I 7

Thus, and thanks to this new video, we can carefully see how such dangerous acrobatics w planned and carried out that Tom Cruise himself wanted to shoot without the help of specialists.
He wanted to do it himself;
And he did so.
This is, by far, the most dangerous we have tried, says Christopher Macquarie, writer and director of the film, at the beginning of this new Making of style video.


We have been working on this for years.
We will film it in Norway, and it will be a motorcycle jumping from a clip to a be jump.
I wanted to do it since I w a small child.
Everything is reduced to one thing: the public, says Tom Cruise himself in this exclusive footage of the new mission delivery impossible.
And it is that the famous actor h been starring all kinds of action scenes for many years that would normally make specialists to avoid possible accidents to the stars of the movies.
But Tom Cruise, even with 60 years, is capable of that and much more.
And good proof of this is this strenuous and dangerous scene for which he had to prepare with more than 500 jumps in parachute and 13,000 motocross jumps;
A true madness.
What new nonsense h Tom Cruise prepared for part II of Mission: Impossible-Mortal Sentence?
We will have to wait for 2024 to check it.