For more than 20 years, Pokémon fans wanted to see Ash Ketchup meet with Brock and Misty.
While the two have sometimes met Ash, the three originals have not seen each other together since the first series.
Misty’s reunion with Ash generated expectation for Brock’s return, which has been fulfilled.
But then how Brock met with Ash and Misty in Pokémon’s anime? And will Brock travel indefinitely with Ash and Misty again in Pokémon’s anime?

When does Brock meet with Ash and Misty in the Pokémon anime?

Brock is officially Ash and Misty’s travel companion again from the third episode of Pokémon: aim to be a Pokémon Master.
Brock’s reunion with his first friends on the road arises from a surprise encounter in the Gala region.
Ash and Misty stop at a restaurant to eat something, just to discover that Brock is working there temporarily.

As the character progresses, he has made this arrangement to conquer a girl, and that girl is the owner of the restaurant.
He is disconsolate when the girl reveals that her fiancé will return soon, which puts Brock in a depression.
Ash and Misty try to encourage their friend before another former main character appears: Clan.
Pokémon’s connoisseur reveals that he has already become friends with Brock and believes that the latter’s mood will improve him to a nearby garden.
Unfortunately for the heroes, a Pattern is close, and the Pokémon uses an illusion of Nurse Joy to attract Brock deeply from a wooded area.


Others are also shown illusions of things that find desirable, but Antenna arrives and helps them break their trances.
Pattern then agrees to let them go after he sees Brock taking care of Antenna.
Subsequently, Brock announces that he wants to travel with his friends again because they allow him to have a strong will.
They clan, however, it reveals that it has other plans and says goodbye to the three.
And so, Pokémon’s original trio is together again.
Pokémon’s anime has three episodes deep in its final arch of 11 episodes, which will serve as a farewell to Ash and Pikachu.
Now that Brock and Misty are back in the mixture, fans are recovering the original group for the last time.
Unlike the first time, friends do not have a particular objective in mind, so it will be interesting to see how their trips end.
With that, you have your answer as to how Brock met Ash and Misty in Pokémon’s anime.
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