One of the changes that League of Legends players most applauded in Mob’s history was the selection of positions.
No player would like to go back to years prior to 2016, when we entered the champion selection screen with no idea which role we would take during a match.
Respecting the order of choice was just an unpaid rule of the community, according to which the player who appeared at the top of the screen had a priority to choose.
The conflicts and threats of players were constant that, when they could not play with a certain function, we are willing to lose the game on purpose.
The bad climate that was formed even before the match began to become unsustainable and Riot knew that.
Thus, in 2016 the developer introduced the possibility of players to choose two previous positions, one primary and one secondary.
So players were still in danger of playing in a role that they didn’t like that much, but it happened that quickly that almost no one complained.
Over the years, there have been changes that have made automatic filling less common and much fairer.
However, this did not please everyone.

the error that riot can no longer correct

The problem is that this community-loved change generated a series of difficult situations to solve, to the point that a Riot Games employee confesses that a common opinion in the company’s internal discussions is that the position selection was amazing for players,
but bad for the game in general.
Who revealed this thought was Rioter Auey, one of the main managers of LOL systems, in a matchmaking discussion.
The choice of position has made everything very different. It has made players less versatile because it allows you to focus on the hyperespecialization of a function, but also made the community very happy for the same reason. ‘It’s great for players, but bad for the game
In general, it is not an unusual opinion in our internal conversations. However, we would pay a high price if we decided to remove this function from the game.
When we think about it carefully, we realize that the position selection actually gave rise to some problems, although they are already practically solved.
The most obvious are related to the pairing of players.
The function selection gave rise to the term automatic filling, which refers to players being automatically placed in a position that does not correspond to any of the two previously selected.
This was not a problem in the past for two reasons.
The first is that everyone had to have a minimal knowledge of each function and the second is that the opposing team also went through it.
A person who started playing LOL after the introduction of the position selection may have played thousands of matches, with less than a dozen of them being on the upper or lower route.
He can play on these routes relatively acceptable thanks to the experience gained in other positions, but not at the same level as an opponent who spent most of his time specializing in mastering the upper route.
Thus, it was necessary to develop a system that would guarantee the parity of self-comprehension, with the same number of players outside their favorite positions on each team, and then another who commented symmetry.
It is easy to get carried away by Riot, but the truth is that in this matter they took it, as waiting times to find a game have increased considerably.

However, this also has bad effects on games.
There is less ability to understand what is expected of the rest of the routes and what are your most common problems if we never play in them.


If we have never been in the situation where a single top error leaves us with almost 1,000 gold behind, we will hardly understand why our teammate has died so many times in a row.
For example, a tip that almost never appears in guides to climb out as a hunter is to play in other positions in normal games.
It is easier to know how to help our teammates if we have been in the same situations as they before.
With LOL allowing people to specialize on one or two routes at most, this is lost.
However, it is not a necessarily negative point, as getting home tired and being able to play a match in the function we want is definitely important for players.