-E sports and content production to actively plan to collaborate
-Nixon Game Operation of e-sports competitions using Nixon games, and joint promotion such as discovering new content
-In March this year, in earnest starting with the ‘Kart rider: Drift’ league

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 1st that it has signed a strategic partnership with African TV (CEO Chung Changing) to cooperate with esports and content production.

The two companies will gather their own IP resources and business infrastructure, to strengthen their competitiveness by cooperating with each other in the operation of the e-sports’ competition, planning and development.

The main agreements between Nixon and African TV include ▲ joint e-sports competitions ▲ game-related online offline programs ▲ new content using IP.
To this end, Nixon actively supports game-related resources and infrastructure for work, and African TV increases global viewership through e-sports stadiums, platforms and content support, and various cooperation with Nixon, such as finding streamers.


Progress activities.

Nixon will hold a free season tournament in the e-sports competition of ‘Outrider: Drift’, which recently opened the global pre-season with the first collaboration with African TV.
The two companies will work together to operate various e-sports competitions for various games such as ‘Cart Rider: Drift’ and FIFA Online 4.

Nixon Hwang Young-min, the head of the Group, said, We expect that this agreement will be able to work intensive collaboration throughout various areas. We will try to show more quality contents by maximizing synergy through e-sports as well as content businesses.
He said.

Chase Jung-won, head of African TV, said, With this agreement, African TV will hold a high-capacity esports competition for Nixon’s various games and expand the base with great synergy in the global service of content.