After a year of celebration in a row, the campaign on the 11th anniversary in Star Wars: The Old Republic ended in January 2023.
It is definitely also due to the fact that February is now relatively unwound when it concerns the variety of in-game occasions.
You can eagerly anticipate 2 world occasions: the pirate attacks and the bounty order week.

pirate attack

  • Date: 07.
    February to February 14, 2023 (ends and starts at 2:00 p.m. CEST).
  • Prerequisite: Level 20+.
    The remote planet Antoine ended up being the center of a hostile escalation between the Galactic Republic and the Sith empire.
    After they were stormed in concealed by concealed imperial forces, Nova Blade-Piraten released an uncompromising attack on the rural Republican world.
    While the republic desperately tries to defend this considerable position on the edge of the imperial area, the empire prepares to use the turmoil to make a definitive blow to the long-lasting bastion of the republic.

Selected benefits.

  • Nova Blade armor set and armor set of the Antoine Guts owner.
  • Naught buddies.
  • Camp-More transportation indicates.
  • Kath pet dog riding animal.
  • Kath-Hund-Mini animal.
  • Fortress decorations influenced by Antoine.
  • … and more!
    SW TOR: In February 2023, the pirate attack is on the program.
    Source: Bioware.

bounty order week.

  • Date: 21.
    February to February 28, 2023 (starts and ends at 2:00 p.m. CEST).
  • Requirement: Level 15+.
    For a short time, the bounty arbitrator has opened its doors to everybody who wants to accept their unsafe orders.
    In this way, skilled and brand-new hunters have the chance to demonstrate their abilities and to have violent gangs and criminal distributes experienced!

Picked benefits.

  • Call at the bounty mediation business.
  • Arms set of the bounty searcher and armor set of the contract hunter.
  • Crossbow of the assassin and crossbow of the elite navigator.
  • Lobe lot, swamp-Kell dragon and waiter’s probe as a small family pet.
  • Tailor-made BH-7X hunter.


  • … and more!
    You can register every day for a normal hand larger order and a particularly profitable valuable objective order, which might lead you to various worlds.
    Total 5 basic orders to hunt important objectives that bring even much better prey!
    Now travel to the fleet, welcome your buddies and speak to the workers of the bounty brokerage company to begin with your orders!
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    Karsten Scholz.