Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): It was the expected difficult video game with numerous battles, with numerous fouls, numerous long balls. The truth that my group would come back once again shows their mentality and morality.
Can state that the game would have run out of a tie..
BO Venison (coach FSV Mainz 05): It was expected to play close play with a few chances on both sides. Union was better in the very first half, we were better in the second half. We deserved a point.
Decided video game, this is extremely bothersome for us. In the end we regrettably go house with absolutely no points..

FAKE: Football dirt day.

Russia Mönchengladbach-Schalke 04 0: 0.
Daniel Fake (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): We are not pleased, that is apparent. Obviously we wished to win. You need to draw such a video game in the first couple of minutes, we didn’t succeed. Then it was a tough one.
Play. The positive is that we dipped into least zero on a football-like dirt day..
Thomas Was (coach Schalke 04): Sadly the team did not reward. We have to be satisfied, the way is positive.
The way we desire to perform..

CFB Stuttgart-SV Welder Bremen 0: 2 (0: 0).
Bruno Lambada (coach VfB Stuttgart): Of course we are disappointed, that was a bitter defeat. We did a lot of right from the play location.
Last third. It is now crucial to keep calm and construct the team.
Ole Werner (coach Welder Bremen): It was a perfect away game from us. We had a couple of problems at the start, we weren’t clear enough, even at the beginning of the 2nd half.
Spaces discovered. We struck Stuttgart in an excellent phase, which was exceptionally crucial..
FC Augsburg-Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1: 0 (0: 0).
Enrico Masses (coach FC Augsburg): We revealed an excellent video game, carried out very brave, really well in possession of the ball. We understood that we needed to be very cautious and really patient with the ball. We did that effectively. Furthermore, we did extremely well. Furthermore, we did that extremely well.
Were all set to suffer, made little mistakes and not enabled little. An overall successful day, a really mature performance that I am extremely happy about..
ABI Alonso (coach Bayer Leverkusen): The video game was really tight, not much happened in the very first half. We attempted it, however didn’t play enough possibilities.
Improving us and continuing. We knew that it would be challenging to achieve our goals-we know it a little much better..
Contract Frankfurt-Hertha BSC 3: 0 (2: 0).
Oliver Glaser (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): We played a really excellent first half. But there were numerous good actions that we didn’t complete well at the beginning. At the end of the first half we might be a little too much in administration mode.
G1. It is extremely important that we always stay good on the ground..
Sandro Schwarz (Fitness Instructor Bertha BSC): We didn’t play a good first half. In the end it is frustrating with 0: 3.
To lose. We need to remain with ourselves. There are particular rules in the relegation battle, you need peace in the club..
Russia Dortmund-SC Freiburg 5: 1 (1: 1).
Edwin Eric (coach Borussia Dortmund): We took control from the start, were really dominant, extremely clearly safeguarded. The video game was changed by yellow-red card. In the second half we showed a perfect efficiency versus.
A group surpassed, that was almost perfect. We barely let our challengers breathe..
Christian Stretch (coach SC Freiburg): We desired to get into a great switching game to maybe harm Dortmund. We weren’t with the ball.
Good enough, some players weren’t sufficient in a duel, so we lost 5: 1..

FC Molnar Leipzig 0: 0.

Rose: Our pass rate was Perfume Spiel-Like.

Steffen Rampart (coach 1. FC Cologne): With the great opportunities you saw: Leipzig is always able to play such passes through the chains. We were lucky in a circumstance, and in the other a very excellent goalkeeper. I saw a great video game, it was fun. I’m satisfied-even without objectives. A lot goes through efficiency..
Marco Rose (coach RB Leipzig): A relatively respectable 0: 0, both teams added to this. It was the plan to take the extreme pushing. However, our pass rate was Perfume Spiel-Like, i.e. under 80 percent.
Had two big opportunities, must have taken the lead. That would have assisted us: versus Cologne, and in an English week. It was clear what to anticipate here..
VFL Bochum-TSG Cofferdam 5: 2 (3: 0).
Thomas Let sch (coach VFL Bochum): We brought what we criticized in Mainz last week.


Is the point of criticism that we have to come across. I am pleased that the team rewarded each other with 5 objectives..
André Breitenreiter (coach TSG Cofferdam): It was a more than should have victory for Bochum. In the first half we had eleven overall failures. We were prepared for the opponent, however VFL bought us.
, at half-time it was a bit pleased just 0: 3. At the end of the day we made errors that have not been much to do with expert football and lost well..
Union Berlin-1.
FSV Mainz 05 2: 1 (1: 0).

ABI Alonso (coach Bayer Leverkusen): The game was very tight, not much happened in the very first half. Oliver Glaser (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): We played a really excellent first half. In the end it is disappointing with 0: 3.
Marco Rose (coach RB Leipzig): A fairly decent 0: 0, both teams contributed to this. BO Venison (coach FSV Mainz 05): It was anticipated to play close play with a couple of possibilities on both sides.