In an event held during the Taken World Tour Finals 2022, held this weekend in the Netherlands, and won by the Pakistani player AIF Butt, Banzai NAMC revealed several details of Taken 8 gameplay. In a 36-minute video, the producer and
Franchise Executive Director Mutsuhito Hard, and game director Doha IKEA, detailed all the details about gameplay changes that will come with the new franchise game, which promises to reward more aggressive game styles with the arrival of Heat System
(Heat system), new mechanics that will allow fighters to activate a special bar that will cause massive damage while active.
Located just below the life bar, the Heat bar can be activated with the R1 (PS) button, RB (Xbox Series) or when the player performs some specific movements of each character, with each fighter having, on average, 5 movements
unique that activate the condition of Heat.
The so-called Heat Burst is fired when the console’s shoulder buttons are triggered and give a small advantage of frames to the player while the opponent already defends the Heat Engaged activates the heat bar when fighters use specific blows and
reach their opponents.

In triggering this condition, fighters run toward the opponent and will have a significant advantage of frames and will be able to mend combos with devastating damage.
When the heat bar is active, each character will have access to a set of special actions and may even cause damage to opponents who are defending themselves.
The opponents, however, will have a chance to recover this life if they begin offensive actions themselves, as it is not possible to recover life by standing back or walking backwards, for example.
In addition, Heat System will adapt to each character’s style of struggle, which means that agile, grab or slow, but more damage characters will have specific advantages according to their dominant characteristics.
Each character will have access to two specific actions while the heat system is active.


Heat Smash is a specific blow that causes more damage than conventional blows and creates combos openings.
Fighters will also have access to Heat Dash, which allows the player to approach the opponent again with a quick movement, if it is distant and can exercise pressure on the opponent, or amend combos if the opponent has been hit without active defense.

Nina Williams is announced

Character present from the first Taken, Nina Williams was also officially announced during the Taken World Tour Finals, with a 2-minute gameplay trailer.
The professional spy and killer returns with a renewed look, wearing purple costumes, shorter hair and sunglasses on your default skin.
The character continues with her fighting stone that mixes specific commands of command, agile scams with hands and feet and a (special) rage art in which she uses martial arts and firearm blows.
In addition to Nina, they are already confirmed in the cast of playable characters other 7 characters: Jin Mazama, Jun Mazama, Kahuna Minima, Lars Alexander sen, Jack-8, Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix.
Taken 8 has no release date yet, but will have versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, being an exclusive fighting game of the new generation of consoles.
The title will also have a closed Alpha that will be announced soon, which indicates that the release of the game will hardly occur in 2023, as games are usually closer to being released when they enter the beta phase.
Also, Mutsuhito Hard has said that the development of the game is going well, but it can still take some time.