Finally, it was time once again!
As part of a brand-new Nintendo Direct, the Japanese console producer and publisher presented the direction of the Nintendo Switch in 2023.
The hybrid console saw on 02.
March 2017 the light of the world and will soon remain in the seventh year of its life process.
Considering that a console year represents about 10 human years, the switch is already part of the old iron.
Undoubtedly at Nintendo you don’t think about sending out the flagship into retirement in the foreseeable future.

Nintendo Direct: 2 Metro id classics stand for the Change

The new Nintendo Direct might have paid off, specifically for fans of the Dream SCIFI franchise Metro id.
Two classics with the apparently one-armed bounty hunter Camus Ran were revealed.
With Metro id II Return of Camus, the classic version of the 2D Metro id manias from 1991 stands for Video game Kid Online on Nintendo’s paid online service.
Thanks to different filters, you will be the classic in the appearance of the initial Video game Young boys, which the Game Young Boy Pocket and Video game Young boy Color can play.
Metro id Prime Remastered was likewise revealed.
The new edition of the Video game Cube hit from 2002 was contributed to a revised graphic and provides numerous control alternatives.
The reality that Nintendo does not provide the entire trilogy of the popular Prime series in a polished variation is a fist thickness.
Metro id II Return of Camus is now available as part of Nintendo online.


The digital variation of Metro id Prime Remastered can also be played.
It costs a proud 39.99 euros in the Nintendo shop.
If you prefer to add a physical variation of the game to your collection, you need to be client by Friday, March 3rd, 2023.
From Metro id Prime 4, whose development has actually been going on for practically 7 years and has been restarted in 2019, there was absolutely nothing to be seen in the brand-new Nintendo Direct.

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