Scummy 2.7.0, The Real Slim Shader, is officially out currently bringing more compatibility for retro titles to modern systems so below’s what’s new. Exactly what is Scummy? To put it merely: it’s a whole set of different open source video game engines under one roof, with each focusing on a different sort of retro games.


First off, there are some fresh titles that had support included in 2.7.0 including:

In addition to that they have actually boosted assistance for the Broken Sword series and also there are new translations consisting of assistance added for: Chinese, Oriental and Japanese versions of several games. Mobility was additionally an emphasis this time around with a lot of systems restored to collaborate with it consisting of: Reforming RS90 (making use of Opening), first generation Milieu (New Bitty, Pocket Go and also P. Diddy Q90-V90-Q20) with Triforce MiyooCFW, Milieu Mini, Colubrids, 26-bit variations of RISC OS and also Nintendo 3DS.

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There’s brand-new shader-based scales, choosing their code name The Real Slim Shader, so they say you can now once more enjoy the warm glow of CRTs shining on your face and they deliver with a curated collection of shaders taken from Libretto.

  • Soldier Boy
  • Obsidian
  • Pink Panther: Passport to Danger
  • Pink Panther: Horus Pokes Pink
  • Caribou 2 Environment, Read/Count 4 & 5 and Read/Count 6 & 7
  • Driller/Space Station Oblivion
  • Halls of the Dead: Fairy Story Journey II
  • Cut Sea, Eastern Mind, as well as 16 other Supervisor 3 as well as Director 4 titles

Lastly one more highlight is pre-defined arbitrary number seeds, so individuals can have reproducible runs in particular video games, useful for speed runners.

Scummy 2.7.0, The Actual Slim Shader, is officially out now bringing more compatibility for retro titles to contemporary platforms so right here’s what’s brand-new. What precisely is Scummy? To put it just: it’s a whole set of various open resource game engines under one roofing, with each focusing on a different kind of retro video games.