All 36 specialist clubs have submitted their files for the licensing procedure for the coming season at the German Football League (DFL).
The due date for levy ended on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.


Currently, on March 1st, the due date for submitting the papers for candidates from the third organization had ended that pursue a certificate for the second department.
Eleven clubs used it.
In the sense of an indispensable and also reasonable competition, the DFL checks in the next action in addition to the monetary criteria to identify the financial efficiency of the 47 clubs, likewise stylish, legal and employees administrative requirements, says the DFL news on Wednesday.

choices anticipated in April

Criteria would likewise be signed in relation to stages (facilities and media technology) as well as sustainability as well as the Digital Bundesliga for the very first time.
The preliminary decisions regarding the license are expected to get the clubs in the 2nd half of April.

As part of the evaluation, the DFL can offer candidates problems and/or needs.