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Webzen Muark Angel, the strip of two camps! Roastland update

Webzen updates the MMORPG ‘Mu Arc Angel’ associated server content ‘Roastland’.

Webmer has the update check time of ‘Mu Arc Angel’ from 12:40 on the 22nd, and adds a distance to the “Full Ruins”, ‘Maayang, “, including the new content’ Roastland ‘.

‘Roastland’ is a federated server event that the server participates in the last server. Here, it is divided into two programs such as ‘order’ and ‘chaos’, and each camp is composed of up to three servers. In addition, the effect of existing equipment held by the character is not applied, and only the ‘Maya equipment’, which is a dedicated equipment, is a normal effect.

If you enter the field in the field in Rosland, you can get a monster, collect a specific item, and you can acquire a compensation such as ‘Marian Crystal’ and ‘Maya Equipment’. The field is present in the field, the safety zone and the neutral area of ​​each camp exist, and in the neutral region, the user can be combat with the user of the competition.

One of the contents of Rostrland’s contents, ‘full-time ruins’ are PVE content that the camp, which gave more damage to Boss ‘Kunun’. In Kunun treatment, the PVE reduction effect is applied to all camps, and the victory camp is the opposite effect of ignoring such penalty.

Webzen also shows ‘Maya Battle’, which replaces the existing siege. After the flagship occupation in the ‘천 천 battlefield’ in Rostrland, after the flagship occupation, the progress of the flag and the siege point will win.

In addition, we will release content such as ‘Maya Inquiries’ and “Maya Equipment, and” Maya Equipment, and the “Maya Equipment”, which are a Roastland dedicated equipment.

Meanwhile, Webzen operates an event in the official community commemorates new updates. You can accept the quiz of the quiz on new content, or you can get a game item by capturing the game screen that entered Roastland.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Sweetheart at Filip Kostic?

Filip Kostic has repayed recently in recent months with a farewell to Eintracht Frankfurt. But now it could come to a turnaround at the wing player.

Filip Kostic | Eintracht Frankfurt | Skills, Goals & Highlights | 2021

Filip Kostic is regularly traded from the Italian Series A clubs. Last summer, a possible change to Lazio Rome burst, in the past few weeks Inter Milan was considered a hot candidate to a commitment of the 29-year-old. However, National Robin Gosens now stands immediately before a change to the Italian master.

The 27-year-old, who undertook the last few years at Atalanta Bergamo, is located as Kostic on the left outer railway. As the “picture” suggests, an inter-commitment of the Frankfurters could have d1. Kostic had changed his advisor in the summer – probably to get better chances for a change. After all, Alessandro Lucci, which now represents the left outside, according to the boulevard sheet best relationships with Inter and Series A.

Kostic can convey to remain with Eintracht Frankfurt

However, Kostic may seem to introduce a long-term whereabouts at Eintracht Frankfurt. Accordingly, a new, long-term contract for 43-fold national player would be interesting. Kostics News working paper is dated to the Bundesliga club until 2023.

That the left-footed footed last summer with a farewell lacked to the Bundesliga duel against Arminia Bielefeld in the Bundesliga duel against Arminia Bielefeld has long been forgiven by Eintracht Frankfurt, too important is the outer railway player for the team of coach Oliver Glasner.

In the current season, Kostic steered three goals in 23 competitive games to date and ten templates. On the left wing, the SGE is simply no passing to Kostic.

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