Now the Game Boy and the PlayStation 4 had to believe it.
In the list of best-selling consoles of all time, the Switch left both devices behind and has now reached third place.
Only the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2 stand between the hybrid console and the title Most successful console of all time.


The new annual report from Nintendo once again reveals how immensely the Switch is still almost six years after its release.
And rightly so!
Nintendo did everything right with the Switch.

Nintendo learned from his mistakes

After the Wii U failed, and you could not land a mega hit with the 3DS despite respectable sales, quite a few experts saw the fate of Sega to Nintendo.
Away from the hardware, towards the pure publisher own games for all platforms.
But Nintendo remembered his strengths, bundled the resources of the handheld and console division and landed a huge success with the Switch.
And there are several reasons for this: Nintendo has the most balanced hardware.
The technical skills of the switch may seem ridiculous compared to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, but the Switch hits the sweet spot from cheap, enough power for handsome games and a not too expensive sales price.
This combination cannot claim the PS5 or the Xbox Series X.

The Nintendo Switch is the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X superior in important matters

The switch is profitable.
In contrast to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo earns money with every single console.
And from the beginning, while Sony and Microsoft pay for every PS5 or Xbox Series X.

This is also a strength of the switch.
Nintendo can offer his console at a price that still seems reasonably affordable even in times of inflation and energy crisis.
Sony, on the other hand, had to increase the already juicy price of the PlayStation 5, while Microsoft at least has an affordable model in the portfolio with the Xbox Series.
The switch is much more flexible than its fellow campaigners.
Cloud gaming is still a utopia on bus and train or at the campsite.
You just throw the switch into the backpack and go.
If the television is filled by the partner, who gloves Germany’s Next Top Model or Champions League, you just snuggle off with the switch.
The switch is unrivaled.
Nintendo still has a decisive advantage in the competition for the dominance of console manufacturers.
The switch is not a competition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While many buyers choose between Sony and Microsoft, the Switch can coexist as a second console or device for the big.
There are no handheld versions of the PlayStation or Xbox and the Steam Deck is a nice niche product, but also not.
Objectively viewed, the Switch should actually be a colossal flop.
In times of Free 2-Play Mobile Games on smartphones and mass phenomena such as Roblox, which runs even on ten-year-old laptops, there is actually no reason for the core target group of children and adolescents to get hardware, the exclusive games of which often also
Years after the publication still cost full price.
That makes the great success of the Switch all the more astonishing.
And the success story is obviously not over in the seventh year.
As part of a new Nintendo Direct, we will find out what Nintendo does with the Switch in 2023.
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