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Conquer The Dungeons: A Guide To Playing Dark and Darker Successfully

Dark and Darker is a difficult game in which you have to crawl through the dungeons, sending players to the most dangerous depths with a slight chance to get out alive.
You can play with the group to increase their chances of success, but some players still prefer to play alone.
This can make you ask how the best dark and dark solo class.

The best solo classes in Dark and Darker

The best solo classes in Dark and Darker are a villain, Harvard Brick.
Each is distinguished by their own style of game, especially in a single game.

The robber is great for players who prefer secrecy, a barbarian-for those who love to destroy everything in their path, and the priest is a support class that can fight evil.
Here are the best solo classes for Dark and Darker.


The robber is perhaps the best solo class because of his ability to remain hidden and the shredder.
You will have to play very carefully and deftly, but if you do this, you can be a real threat.


Always evaluate whether it is worth attacking the risk, and keep in mind the escape plan before attacking.
The robber must use the collision and flight of tactics for large groups, but if you encounter another single player, you will want to sneak and stab it before he understands what happens.
As an alternative, you will face situations when it is better to hide and skip enemies.
The ability of the robber becomes invisible and faster to open locks allows him to quickly and silently move around the dungeon.


A barbarian is the opposite of the robber.
This class prefers to enter the battle loudly and swaying.
He is engaged in great damage and has high survivability, allowing you to rush into battle.
Barbara has the highest health supply and good resistance to magical damage.
Do not be afraid to fight with enemies when playing Barbara, but make sure that you are learning to evade their blows.
Since the barbarian prefers not to wear clothes, they, as a rule, are more flexible than fighters who wear heavy armor and hold the shield.
Your two-handed weapons have a long swing, so calculate it accordingly so that your attacks fall on the target.
If you fight with the group, first destroy the priest or robber, as they can heal other players or cause bleeding in you.


You can argue that the cleric is more effective in the group, but it is viable and alone.
The ability of the cleric to treat refers to yourself, which means that you can reliably save your life.
In addition, the clergy have decent offensive abilities and can wear heavy armor.
Ultimately, cleric is better suited for a group game, but you can succeed in a single game.
When it comes to enemy players, we recommend that you avoid them when possible, but Buff is before going into battle, and retreat to be healed when necessary.
Class Clerk offers greater flexibility in its creation, which means that you can focus on spells or adhere to near-battle weapons.
To get additional information about Dark and Darker, read the Dark and Darker spell system, an explanation and how to play Dark and Darker multiplayer game in the game guidelines for professionals.

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