Customers of banks such as Sparkasse, Ing or Postbank could soon get accounts. At least if you do not agree with a certain thing.

Hamm – who has a lot of money on the account of his bank could soon be asked to pay. Because many credit institutions are now required from a certain assets negative interest. Who does not agree with the whole, could be threatened with a termination. In fact, this could even come to almost all bank customers in the long run, *.

Sparkasse, Postbank, Ing: Many bank customers threatens the termination

According to handelsblatt, more and more credit institutions – for example, Ing, Postbank or the Sparkasse – negative interest *. For many banks, the so-called Depositary Fees will fall as soon as the customer has a fortune of more than 50,000 euros in his account.

However, in some institutes, it already meets low and medium earners: Here, the custody fee is sometimes collected even from an amount of 5000 euros in the account. How tages show reports, more and more banks are now serious.

Thus, in the past year, the City Parkasse Düsseldorf has terminated customers who did not want to agree with the negative interest. Now other institutes follow.

Bank customers threatens the account termination: four-digit number of customers affected

Thus Postbank has terminated several customers, which had more than 50,000 euros on their accounts and refused their consent to the custody fee, the business relationship. According to a spokesman for Deutsche Bank, however, mutually agreed solutions could be found with most customers.

Also in the Sparkasse Dortmund * there were terminations. Here is the speech in a report of the handelsblatt of 15 cases. At Ing, the next few weeks should also be grabbed for this procedure.

A speaker of the direct bank explains the tagenschau that the terminations even affect “low four-digit number of customers”. These would not have approved the negative interest after several reminder (more news about digital * at bank).

Negative interest: not all banks threaten the customer with termination

As can be found on, competitors such as the Berliner Sparkasse or Commerzbank instead want to wait. Before it comes to termination, consensual solutions for customers should be found.

But there is generally a bright spot: so many banks have let that have been relieved in the future on negative interest rates as soon as the European Central Bank no longer demands penalty interests from the banks. But as long as this is missing, the problem could increase instead.

Sparkasse, Postbank und ING: Auch Geringverdiener bald von Kündigungsdrohung betroffen?

Oliver Mihm, Chef der Bankberatungsfirma Investors Marketing, könnte sich vorstellen, dass auch Gering- und Mittelverdiener von den Kündigungsdrohungen betroffen sind, sobald 85 bis 90 Prozent der Kunden die neuen Geschäftsbedingungen mit dem Verwahrentgelt akzeptieren würden. Derzeit liegt die Zustimmungsquote bei rund 70 Prozent.

ING commercial - Postbank & ING Bank(december 2008)
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