24 Entertainment has published Q & A on STEAM pages before holding a large online presentation NANAK: Bluepoint in proximity Patrol NANAK: BLUEPOINT. This work is a Patrol that continues to fight until the last one player is the last one, and a feature that is characterized by the close battle. There are three codons that can move fast, and a near-field weapon of nearby weapons. In the Q & A published this time, it is in the game that the program will be published on the official channel of the Western and Oriental and the collaboration of this work, and the program will be released in the official channel of YouTube and Twitch, and Japanese subtitles will be released. It is listed that the PS5 / XBOX version will appear in 2022 that the PS5 / XBOX version is postponed to December 14 and the update will be postponed on December 14. NANAK: BLUEPOINT presentation NANAK FEST Temple Road December 12, 122, 20:30 The delivery will begin to deliver.