Fabled om
Develop: Genoa Games // Pubic: Dear Villages, Dodo yo Games
Launch: first quarter of 2023
The Twist that Fabled om puts in colonies management makes it perfect to introduce us to gender.
Under the excuse of moving to a dream place, in which stories can come true, the title of Grenada Games allows us, or clashes with other settlers.
The focus, at least in the demo, we find it in the construction, in the design of the city and in the different types of priorities that we can establish in the face of the inhabitants.
The game wants us to always be satisfied with our settlement, and that is why it gives us wide manga to experience and correct at all times.

But without knowing how the challenges related to marriage and diplomacy will be introduced later, we cannot know if the wick is too short or if our story will expand during pages and pages.


In its first minutes, and unlike other similar titles, Fabled om is more interested in internalizing the peculiarities of its menus than on which we focus on accumulation.
With only one level of difficulty, we start with a good fortune (we are of royalty, after all) and with enough wood to throw our kingdom to walk.
Therefore, after a brief and practical tutorial, the game invites us to try how each construction works and eliminate everything that does not work as we had expected.
The kingdom, which we can choose ourselves based on random designs, presents variations in the size, diversity of biomes and resources that, although they are not explored in depth in the demo, if they are pointed out as essentials of
face to the final experience.
And if all this does not seduce experienced players too much, the title of Grenada Games also presents a free way in which the vast majority of structures are already unlocked, and we can use them at pleasure.
But if the Fabled om Demo fails to conquer ourselves at all, it is because the politics, commerce, romance and diplomacy systems that will allow us to write our own history does not present.
According to the description of the game and the narrative introduction we enjoy in this advance, choosing a suitor or making accused alliances with neighboring kingdoms will be as important as creating an army or betting everything for technological development.
«A love affairs will greatly influence the way you play and enjoy the game.
Fabled om focuses on love and justice, which makes cities construction mechanics novel, we read on the Steam page.
However, the demo only conveys the feeling of being a management game for beginners or for those players looking for a more relaxed experience.
Although the fantastic elements and the small doses of humor that we find in Fabled om overcome by differentiating the game and giving its own personality, how little we can touch it does not end up making it memorable.
Either because it is one of these games that is opening over time or because the most groundbreaking mechanics cannot be taught in a decontextualized way, this advance works worse than the trailer when it comes to interested in its story of story.
Here we lack narrative.
Not only know that we can write a story but to do it practically.