Home Exclusive Games News: New Figment 2 gameplay trailer: Creed Valley revealed before launch in March
More music, more riddle and a two-sided villain.

Figure 2: Creed Valley will arrive in March.
Originally scheduled for February when it was announced at the Game Awards last year, Bedtime Digital developer needed a little more time to prepare the brain sequel for the great moment.
Now that a month is missing, they are ready for a film revelation that shows the improved gameplay of Figment 2.
Dusty and Piper return in Figment 2 to help overcome the nightmares that have shattered the moral compass of the mind.
To solve it, they must travel to Creed Valley, the source of all ideals of the mind.


As the courage of the mind, Dusty is especially suitable for ending nightmares, while Piper provides moral support and occasional musical accompaniment.
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Which means that Figment 2 is an even more centered game than the first figment.
Music has always been an important part of this indie franchise, but Figment 2 will improve things with fights of musical bosses.
The trailer next shows one of those bosses: a giant bull nightmare that arrives in a cloud of sadness and tramples everything in its path.
And unlike the first game, Figment 2…