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Pokemon Go: Wait … Safari

Away from the great Pokémon Go Fests, the people of Pokémon Go, in a time, in the Corona and Pandemie were not an issue, also organized smaller live events. The Pokémon GO festival was the big blast event with multiple actions in the respective city. The safari zone, on the other hand, was quasi the small, ugly step-sister. There was not so much tamtam, but mostly just a new shiny for all players around the globe as well as a few boomed spawns in the wilderness. But this event was free of charge.


Then the virus came and the pandemic…

Corona was for a location-based game like Pokémon Go, which continuously drives to go to the door, no luck. But in the follow-up, it can be said that Pokémon Go has made quite well, in the months and years with starting locks, quarantines, contact restrictions, lockdowns and more.

Slowly, at least the people of Niantic so, will take time back to the old “habits” n . Sometimes the players of Pokémon Go have the feeling that the Niantics want to go literally about the corpses of their fans. And that’s why there is a Safari Zone in May 2022 in the Parque del Alamillo in the Spanish Seville, Juhu! Cost of entry: 21 to 26 euros! How please, what?! We have to talk about that!

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Towards an output confirmed in 2022 for the RPG Hogwarts Legacy

In September 2020, the studio Avalanche Software announced the development of Hogwarts Legacy and the title promptly aroused some enthusiasm with players: not only the license is obviously very popular, and the game invites to (re) Discover the world of Harry Potter and his school of wizards a little more than a century years before the events of the saga, but the GPR gameplay also promises certain freedom of action whatsoever in the construction of his character, to address the narrative frame of the title or explore the world of play.

However, Hogwarts Legacy also arouses doubts. The release of the game was first announced for 2021, before being repulsed in 2022, and the developer is very discreet on the content of his RPG. Hogwarts Legacy had to be revealed as part of the Game Awards at the end of last year, before Avalanche Software renounces it, and the rumor suggested that the exit could be again postponed, this time in 2023. Today, We are still waiting for details on the content of the game, and it murmurs that a presentation could finally be planned in early February.

By then and in this context, it is via the Warding World Platform (the official portal dedicated to the Harry Potter license) that some news about Hogwarts Legacy: in a long publication detailing the main events related to the license. In 2022, the portal tends to confirm an exit from Hogwarts Legacy this year.

The Hogwarts Legacy video game will arrive this year
2022 is also the year during which the game Hogwarts Legacy must be launched. Developed by Avalanche Software, this action RPG allows players to be at the center of their own adventure in the world of wizards, in the late 1800s. Whether to learn powerful spells or concoct Potions, to refine its fighting techniques or taming magic creatures, the game will allow players to discover the world of wizards by taking the role of a pupil of the Sorcery School Hogwarts, as never before, everything By influencing the destiny of the whole world of wizards. (…)

If the release of the game is actually foreseen for this year, pledge that Hogwarts Legacy will gradually unveil its content more concretely in the weeks and months to come.

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