FIX your slow internet speed and slow WiFi connection issues with this troubleshooting guide
The Internet Archive in San Francisco is a charitable task established in 1996 by Brewster Keyhole as well as has actually been the main condition of a library because 2007. It was begun as a pure internet archive, where you can see archived internet sites with the supposed Payback Machine. Already from 1999 it was encompassed more archives, to ensure that it is currently a virtual library that consists of substantial collections of texts and publications, audio files, videos, photos and software. The Internet Archive has actually made the lasting archiving of digital data in easily accessible form and additionally attaches worth to accessibility to the blind or other minimal individual. Along with the feature as an archive, the Internet Archive also sees itself as a protestor for an open and also cost-free internet along with the preservation and distribution of public-free jobs.

The stream hangs the videoconferencing constantly breaks off and loading a website takes a felt eternity. If the provider does not hold what he promises, users can demand compensation.

Düsseldorf (DPA / TMN) — In many places, the internet connection leaves in Germany still to be desired. For users this is more than nerve-wracking. But even more annoying is when the provider, which one completed his digital contract, has bound a bear.

Internet is too slow: Consumer Center gives users tip

If the promised high speed turns out to be empty promise, consumers can now defend themselves. On a corresponding change in the Telecommunications Act, the consumer center NRW indicates.

Users and users, however, must present their supplier a measurement that requires some time and patience. Proof is made exclusively through the program Broadband Measurement of the Federal Network Agency.

Users do not need to accept slow internet: so you can demand compensation

From now on it is available at for operating systems Windows, macOS and Linux. After the measurement, there is a measurement protocol as PDF. Thus, a contribution reduction can be requested by the provider.

If you do not satisfy themselves with the contribution reduction, users since 1 December 2021 thanks to a new law have the opportunity to terminate contracts much easier. This applies in particular to mobile radio or Internet contracts.

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