[ Park Yeo-jin Reporter] Blizzard Entertainment is the ninth expansion pack of World of Warcraft (WOW), ‘Dragon flight’ (3 pm on November 28 at the Pacific Standards) It was announced on the 30th that it will be released.

In the Yong gun Corps, the user will find a dragon island, explore four new areas that tell a variety of stories on the topic of ancient dragon, where you can meet ‘Drastic’, who wakes up from a long sleep and joins the struggle.

If you have pre-purchased the Yong gun Corps expansion pack, you can play the drastic from the time of the pre-patch. Drastic, which can travel and disturbs human shapes and vomiting, boasts excellent maneuverability.

You can also enjoy flight by flying on the dragon’s island with a new dragon training. There are millions of decorating combinations in this dragon, creating their own companions, traveling to the dragon island, and how far, longer, faster, and faster.

In addition, the new characteristic system allows you to play creatively at all levels to play in a way you want a job, and you can use an updated professional technical system that pioneers your own specialty to express your own personality.

In addition, the head-up display (HUD) and the user interface (UI) system can be updated, which can change the experience of the game in a variety of ways than any of WOW’s works.

On the 29th, the Yong gun will show eight dungeons, four of whom can target them with their friends as they move toward level 70, the new level upper limit, and the other four dungeons can enter the top content and challenge. Hussein’s vault, the first raid of the expansion pack, will be released on December 15.

The Yong gun Corps can be purchased digital pre-purchases with hero package (84,900 won) and China package (10,900 won). Each digital package contains one or more items that will help to cooperate with the Yong gun Corps who regains the lost area.

You can also buy the Yong gun Communications Collection in advance. The English collection can be purchased in advance at the official Blizzard Gear Store. Information related to the sales plan in Korea will be guided later.

Holly Long Day WOW producer said, The Yong gun Corps was designed with the wishes that we all loved the most, such as the fantastic Zeroth and the characters in the heroes where our users played as a hero, with the wonderful World of Warcraft community. I would like to invite everyone with a new adventure that can watch the wonderful view of the land of the dragon and become part of their historical heritage, while watching the secrets of the dragon island.