MS I Korea Co., Ltd. (, CEO) is that it will introduce the latest film ‘MSI MEG X670E’ in the domestic market in the domestic market, which is popular with high-end motherboards. It was revealed.

The X670e Catlike offers high performance based on high-end power supply and MSI’s unique design. A total of 27 phases of digital power supply not only withstand the load on the processor, but also provides stable power to ensure performance in an environment using PCs for a long time. In addition, the 10 layer PCB substrate is used to enhance signal stability and also has high durability for fever.

It provides four M.2 SSD slots and can use M.2 Expander-Z, which provides two additional M.2 slots, boasting a high level of storage capacity. In addition, the M.2 Shield Proper, which has been enhanced throughout the M.2 slot, is provided, so even if a plurality of M.2 SSDs are used, they do not have to worry about the performance deterioration due to heat.

It is also certain that it is indispensable for high performance. The X670e Catlike is more advantageous because it connects the power supply and a heat pipe to spread the heat faster. In addition, a large aluminum I/O shield and a wave heat dissipation pin that maximizes the heat dissipation area are added to the power supply part, and a dedicated backplate for the power supply can be added to check the technology of MSI in preparation for high heat.

It also supports wireless networks and customization. In particular, 10g, 2.5G dual LAN and Wi-Fi 6e supports both wired and wireless wireless, and the LCD touch panel that can be customized to identify and manage the system information through the LCD touch panel that can be customized to customize It will be installed and will continue its reputation for high-end motherboards.

Meanwhile, in November, the MSI X670 motherboard is being held for customers who purchase a total of 50,000 won and the MSI X670 motherboard usage event. Information related to the MSI motherboard can be found on the MSI user café and MSI Korea homepage.