The more you are looking forward to the day to play, the disappointing announcement of the release postponement. If it is a popular title, the spoiled voice will increase in proportion.

The sequel to the “Zelda Legend Bless of the Wild” (hereinafter referred to as “Zelda’s Legend BOTW” sequel) will also have a high interest in Japan and abroad. This work was scheduled to be released within 2022, but the release date was postponed in spring 2023.

Receiving this announcement, a disappointing voice and discoloring comments have been rising to SNS, while the postponement is accepted, and if positively acceptable, it is quite prominent.

Why are many people who have only this, who are just thinking of the released announcement? The reason is roughly divided into three and I will approach its background with the actual voice.

# ■ Voice of the degree of completion than early release

I want to play as soon as possible, it would be common to the user who is waiting for the user. However, many people who emphasize the height of completion, not necessarily the top priority. Many users who wish to increase the degree of completion over the early rather than being released quickly, and these people show the posture that acceps this postponement.

“I want you to make it firmly because it is a big work I’m expecting” Comments are crowded on Twitter and showed a lot of attention to wait for the hips.

Besides this, “I think it would be good for postponement! I think it is a palating postponement.” “The release postponement is disappointing, but the more fun feeling that I postpone has increased,” and the people who receive positive and “play quickly I would like to have a wide variety of responses, such as some people who would like to overdo it from the reaction to concern that the development period is short, and there is a person who accepts postponement from the reaction to the concern to be completed.