Connection errors should be expected in games with a living service and SUDE 2 is no exception. Players will definitely encounter error codes, especially when starting the new season, patch or content of content.

The chicken error code in Sum 2 is common among players and is directly related to home Internet connection. For one reason or another, the user cannot connect to the Sum 2 due to the problem with the modem/router or Internet provider (ISP). In this case, probably, the user cannot connect to his home Internet at all.

Although Bungie attributes the Chicken error code to the user, this may not always be like that. For Bungie, the company’s support service announced an increase in the number of codes of Chicken error codes, which is most likely the result of the company’s actions, not the user. Players should, first of all, monitor the Bungiehelp in order to keep abreast of the latest Sudis 2 error reports before further elimination of problems.

There is no universal decision of the chicken error. Rather, the problem with connecting one user may differ from the problem of another user. If the Bungiehelp did not report the Tsyplenok error by the company, the players must go on a random order.

  1. If possible, connect your PC or console directly to the home modem/router using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Clean the cache of the console or the loading cache in Steam.

1. ** Consoli cache: ** completely turn off the console. When the power is disconnected by 100 %, disconnect the power cord from the rear panel of the console. Wait at least five minutes before doing anything. Again connect the power cord to the console, turn on the console and restart the game.
2. ** Steam loading cache: ** by opening Steam on a PC, open the settings panel. In the Settings section, click the loading tab. On the loading tab, click Peel the loading cache. Select OK to confirm. Enter Steam and restart the game.
  1. Disconnect the home router/modem. Wait for at least 30-60 seconds before connecting the router/modem again.

If these solutions do not work, players must create a topic in Bungie’s. The reference forum has described in detail the problem with the connection, and continue to follow the instructions of the Bungiece Twitter account.

In the worst case, a local failure caused by the user’s Internet provider is possible. In this case, users should contact their local Internet provider if the Chicken error code is saved.

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