The consumer center is currently warning of phishing emails that pretend to come from DHL. Fraudsters are targeting personal data.

Dortmund-Especially in the run-up to Christmas, many consumers expect some packages from DHL. Be it gifts for loved ones or new Christmas decorations to decorate the Christmas tree. Therefore, it is not particularly noticeable if an email from DHL occurs sometimes. But caution is advised on an email.

DHL customers should be on the hat: fake mail wants to compensate data

With so-called phishing emails, fraudsters are targeting the data from consumers. Such fraudulent messages usually flutter into the turn of a well-known company or a bank. They specify that there is an urgent need for action or that confidential data should be compared.

In most cases, the aim is to get financial information such as credit card numbers including security code, access data to a wide variety of accounts or to other sensitive data. Currently, fraudsters try their luck with a fake DHL email.

Consumer center warns of fake DHL mail-pre-Christmas time is exploited

The consumer center is currently warning of an email that is sent on behalf of DHL. It explains that delivery of a package is not possible.

The customer must pay additional costs for the delivery or provide personal data. That should happen via an added link. The consumer advice center makes it clear that the increased package volume is exploited before Christmas in order to be able to tap personal data.

Send fraud fake mail-supposedly it should come from DHL

The content of the fake DHL email can look like according to the consumer center:

Dear Customer,
As a reminder: DHL Express informs you that you still have instructions from you for your program No. XXXIX.
Confirm the payment of the home delivery costs (1.85 euros) and the shipping of the package by clicking on the following button.

DHL and consumer advice center give advice on fraudulent phishing emails

The consumer advice center advises checking the sender of the email. DHL itself points out that in real mails from the company on the left for shipment tracking always start with the address On the left in fraudulent emails, however, would point to other addresses.

However, if you are not sure whether it is a real email from DHL or a fake, the consumer advice center and DHL advise not to click any links. Instead, you should check whether you are expecting a package at all (more digital news at ).

DHL asks customers to help with phishing emails

In addition, DHL customers can copy the scent shipment number from the email and search manually on the website in the shipment tracking. If it turns out that it is a fraud, customers have two options: postpone the mail directly to the spam folder directly-or report the phishing attempt to DHL.

For this purpose, consumers can move the suspect email into a new email as an attachment and send it to phishing DPD [at] The suspicious mail should definitely be sent as an attachment-it should not be forwarded. DHL points out that screenshots, URLs to suspect content, photos and other evidence can be helpful.


Rubric list picture: © Felix Colitis/Imago