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Windows Consol, which is less than Switch. Ayaneo showed Air Pro

Ayaneo has shown its portable Air Pro Windows Consolidation from all sides and even compared its sizes with Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. To begin with, we recall that inside this small console will be installed APU AMD Ryzen 7 5825U and Ryzen 5 5560U, as well as a slot for M.2-drives and LPDDR4x RAM, up to 32 GB, rolled up on the board. This is what the board with all the iron of this console looks like.

Ryzen 7 5825U from the senior version of the console has 8 nuclei Zen 3 and 8 computing blocks of VEGA 8 graphics. Yes, unfortunately, not RDNA 2, which would be even more interesting. This is how the console looks compared to Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

For the sake of maintaining such a modest size, the manufacturer had to sacrifice the battery. The senior version will be delivered with a battery for 10050 mAh, and the youngest is 7350 mAh. For comparison, in Steam Deck they fit a battery for 19200 mAh. In Nintendo Switch, by the way, there is a 4310 mAh battery.

Sales of Ayaneo Air console will start in August (R5 5560U) and September (R7 5825U). As for the prices, they start from $ 549 for the youngest version and end at $ 1399 for R7 5825U, 32 GB of RAM, 2 TB of the drive and a battery per 10050 mAh.

Citizen Sleeper: What do you do if you are no longer?

A sleeper, a human awareness in an artificial body!
(Can I then choose the body of Dwayne Johnson? Thank you!)
As a player you are the owner of a company and have to fight for survival in the so -called “Eye” by pursuing your work, finding friends and avoiding trouble until the cycle is over.
Citizen Slepper is now included in the Xbox Game Pass.
We give you a first glimpse in the video:
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We Awaken in a Failing Body in Citizen Sleeper Part 1
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