How to play Split Screen On Halo Master Chief Collection
_HaLo: Reaching out for _Helo: The Master Chief collection, _ and this is the first title The PC Players of the Collection. You can get it from Microsoft Store, Steam or if you have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass for PC and pay the monthly subscription, you can play it.

Many PC players wonder if they can play a shared screen campaign or online match with the Friends of the same computer. Those who have played originally _Helo: reaching on the Xbox when leaving in 2010 had access to the shared screen, but it seems that PC players will not have luxury.

Cooperation will happen for the game, it’s certain. If you and a friend have the game for your respective computers, you can join a group and start playing the countryside, a fight or an online match. Unfortunately, you do not have a shared screen mode for PC. There is no local cooperation, but the multiplayer and cooperative modes are available on the local network.

So, if you and a friend want to browse the _Helo campaign: reaching together, you must use two separate computers and have two different accounts to make it work. The PC version of the game will import little because they can interact together.

However, a PC _Helo: reach the player can not play with someone who is on his Xbox One. Make sure your friends and you get the right versions of the game _Helo: Reaching Communiqués.

The game comes out on December 5th for PC and Xbox One players via Helo: The Master Chief. Collection