You tend to look from an eagle viewpoint, such as: How high are our chances of winning in the next 2 years?
You can see these pictures of every single roster we have ever had here.

Mad Lions stormed into the very first winter split of the League of Legends EMEA Championship, collected success and secured a second place in the regular winter 2023. The Spanish company, led by head coach James’ Mac McCormack, ended the first phase of the LEC Winter Split
With a commendable 7: 2 balance, after it was hit versus a strong group BDS and a group, Vigor Team, which was highlighted for big things.
After developing his coaches under the instructions of Peter Dun Peter Dun Dun, while Mad initially acted as a SPLICE, Mac 2023 marked his 6th year in the LEC as a coach and his 4th as a mastermind behind Mad.
In his previous time at the top, Mac took his lion pack for 3 world champions and a Mid-Season Invitational and secured succeeding LEC titles in 2021.
It is unneeded to discuss that it is not unexpected that the organization has left it for so long.
While we approach the meat of separation-the long-awaited best-of series-we take a seat with Mac to discuss whatever.


In this comprehensive interview, we ask the British about the culture that he and his employees try to convey in the organization by recreating this Man-made how the group has been doing this year in the LEC and how MAD
Plant to get his claws into the upcoming group stage.
The PC player 24: Mac, thank you really much for joining me.
How were these very first weeks?
Mac: Intensive, it is actually weird since it does not feel like three weeks, it feels like we have actually been taking part in competitors forever.
Usually we would be less than half of the regular season behind us, and now it resembles this: You have played 9 games, you played each of this split, on BOS! It works so rapidly.
There are just 50 % more games, however 50 % more competitors days.
At this point, they actually speed up the LEC, which in my opinion is the intent of the three-split setup.
How do you find the adaptation to the format?
From an internal team viewpoint, it is a huge obstacle to guarantee that we keep step, adjust, deal with us and take our time-we have a lot less time this year.
We have to alter our training plan to catch up with the extra lost training day, which means that we have less time for whatever else.
So we have less time to take a look at Gods, less time to check things, less time to play one-to-one with players, less time to go to the gym-all the important things we do are
Really important for us.
On the other hand, I think that it is a terrific format to give the games the sensation, be crucial and to undergo a stress test in the past.
In the last format we wouldn’t play BO5 for more, what, six weeks?
That is still a long time.
And now I can see in a week how Kim ‘Chase Dong-Hyeon remains in a BO3.
We were not in a particularly stressful situation.
However, I can see what our players look like when they battle for top place.
Or in another situation I would see what our gamers appear like when they are under pressure to miss out on the leading 8.
And these are actually valuable information, so I think that it is a big plus for me to put players under a tension test earlier.
And the 2nd seeding of MSI also adds to these missions.
When this statement was originally made, did the way you have prepared for the separation?
I think it certainly altered my mindset.
I believe that the coaches and the company usually have a slightly various way of thinking than the gamers.

As a gamer, they wish to win, and they desire to win now.
[As a coach] You tend to look from an eagle perspective, such as: How high are our possibilities of winning in the next 2 years?
Where are we at the same time?
How does the model work?
What do we have to adjust next year?
What pieces do we have on website?
And what do we need to be more successful in the future?
So I have a somewhat longer-term point of view.

This year was a really unusual year in relation to the low season.
In the off season, things were quite wild-that’s always the case.
But things actually didn’t go as we anticipated.
I think we somehow stepped down at the end of in 2015 and thought: ‘This team is fine.
It is a good squad-we made world championships-we had a good time together this year, however we had more potential.
We could have run better at Worlds, however in the end it was a frustrating experience.
We would have wanted to a minimum of reach the group phase of the World Cup, so we were dissatisfied by ourselves in this regard.
I think [Considering] more than simply the instant outcome, we had the feeling that we wished to step back and actually snap fresh air and open a new side, practically as we finished with Splice in between 2019 and 2020.
Now I can see why people would say: ‘You signed 4 novices in 2020, in 2023 you signed a bunch of veterans.
But to bring Hissing Malabo into the team, to bring Magyars ‘Carry Or sag back into the team and add Chase to the top Lane… This is the new face of MAD in the long term, so we saw it.
We desire Carry and Hissing gamers who build culture at MAD in the long term.
These are players we believe that they fit effectively with our worth, our culture and the type of atmosphere that we desire to produce.
Therefore, they are gamers who are long-lasting parts for the next chapter in MAD history.
And Chase is definitely the very same.
Would we have kept Iran ‘hardship Take and could become a great group?
Hardship is a terrific gamer and I like working with him.
He is excellent.
He is an excellent colleague.
I can only state great things about hardship.
But we felt that our team had an exceptionally high long-term ceiling with a gamer like Chase.
The kind of intent that we caught at the end of 2022 was: Okay, let’s begin to work to be internationally competitive, let us develop a squad in which we can have the culture that we want…

Our method within the team-the story we offer ourselves-is that we wish to be the best.
And I do not care when it comes, I don’t care to put a schedule on it, I don’t care about writing and saying results: We need to beat this team. I have to beat this group.
The actions we require to improve every day- How do we create the very best practice environment?
How do we have the finest culture?
How do we have the healthiest discussions?
How can we best prepare for the draft?
How do we have the very best searching for levels?
It is simply about ensuring that the procedures are all great.
Back to the MSI Seeding: It is exciting to imagine that you could protect a location in winter season.
When it came to transforming it on 2 slots, we talked about Riot about it.
We were conscious that it was a possibility.
When we have obstructed a place, it is cool to think that my family and friends can prepare something.
My friends and family often ask me: Oh, when will you come house?
Oh, when is your competition?
Oh, when can I visit you?
And I say: ‘I don’t understand, brother!
It’s perfect that League finally comes house [to London]
You have just discussed what it means to you personally to play a LAN on house soil, however what does it imply professionally?
In truth, a big part of the success was in my career throughout the Covid phases.
I was on a huge stage in 2019 when we did Worlds with Splice, which was amazing since the entire lot in Madrid loved us.
It was also leaked that we would also switch to Mad Lions, so there was an additional Spanish hype around us, which was incredible.
But I didn’t being in the chauffeur’s seat.
I was not the head coach, at that time I only participated.
When we did Worlds in 2020 and 2021 [there was no crowd]
And after that we didn’t make it to the New York city phase at the Worlds 2022, so I couldn’t base on this big stage.
The crowd in Mexico was insane, but it was a percentage.
I have not felt considering that 2019 how the earth shivers from the vibration of the crowd.
Which’s something that I actually wish to experience expertly.
Having in London, which is about an hour from my place of residence, where all my pals and household can come and support me, would be the icing on the cake.
If you protect your location, are there particular aspects of British culture that the young boys should experience during the MSI?
That is an excellent concern… honestly, a Sunday roast would be a blast.
A place I absolutely desire to take with me is ANF ELD to see Liverpool.
Due to the fact that Liverpool has something that truly motivates me as a club, specifically this fantastic story of togetherness- You’ll Never Stroll Alone- and the environment and the method people around Liverpool come together as a club.
I think this is something I truly desire to reveal the players, and it is something that I actually desire to aim for as a coach at Mad Lions.
[Mac Points Towards The Wall Behind Him, which is Adorned with Team Photos from Throughout the Years, Consisting of Those from When Mad Operated As Splice] You can see these photos of every lineup we have ever had here.
When players sign up with Mad, I bring them to this space and think: ‘This is your descent, this is your descent-you are part of something bigger.
Which is something that, in my opinion, have developed many successful teams in standard sport-this sensation of belonging, a house or a we story that I would actually like to do in eSport due to the fact that I do I believe
Not that somebody else did, other than possibly G2.
What you said about Liverpool is certainly something that I am observing at my Arsenal club at the moment!
If I consider culture and the process of bringing it into an eSports context, I can picture that it is challenging because the eSport establishes so rapidly compared to conventional sports.
Mads had enormous changes this season, both on the rift and outdoors, so where do you feel in this procedure at the minute, and how does this type of modifications affect your technique?