Church Charles is the story of a train of c likely spiders, who for some reason sows chaos on an unknown island.
Locals will talk to you about Charles when you are performing quests, and you will even find pages around the world belonging to the dead local residents.
As you pass the game, you will hear some NPC that Charles is sensitive to sounds and that your train is incredibly loud.
In fact, he even has a horn that can be pulled for to enhance the sound.


Unfortunately, it seems that this really does not cause Charles to you when you pull him.
So, how to call Charles to his own Charles?

How to call Charles to your own Charles?

Charles will pursue you at the random points of your trip.
Despite the fact that you travel by train to cross the island, you mainly go on foot, performing missions.
Walking actually does not produce any sounds, but even then there will be cases when you hear the familiar sounds of Charles nearby.
Charles will also not pursue you after you inflict enough damage to him.
He will run in a random direction, making you so that you can not strike a mortal blow.
Given this, you also cannot call Charles until he restores his health.
This takes an unsolved amount of time, so you can do other things in the meantime, such as Swamp Swimmer or Bold Field Pages.
To find out more about Chu-Cu Charles, read the section where to find all the banks with paint in Church Charles only in the guidelines for the game for professionals.