For several years there have been no actual or only mini-leaks for the upcoming action-cracker Grand Theft Car 6. On Sunday, September 18, a bomb is breaking: a fat leak with over 90 videos straight from the development-over a hr of product.

After a terrible leak at GTA 6, the leaker described that it would have also more worldly concerning the video game, likewise for the existing irreversible heater 5/ online. He requires that developer rock star contact him. So that he doesn’t leakage a lot more, he desires a minimum of one five-digit amount.

The leaker is not yet finished. Consisting of resource code for GTA 6, yet likewise for the presently really successful GTA 5 and also the solution component GTA online.

The large leak from GTA 6 is currently a video clip game tale.

GTA 6: Leaker goes around

Sector professional Tom Henderson has also taken on the case-even recognized for some leaks at Phone call of Responsibility as well as Field of battle. He reveals that the leaker does not yet have sufficient. The focus is probably insufficient for him (via

In a telegram team, the Leaker wrote: The full source code and also properties for GTA 5 are readily available, together with some files about GTA 6. GTA 6 is currently not for sale.

With each other with the verification of market expert Jason Schrader (via, lots of players translate this as a certification of credibility for the leaks.

The circumstance is difficult. The leaker does not disclose its identity and there are already many accounts as well as users that claim to be the leaker. It is stated to have already moved $100,000, but to a user who only made believe to be the leaker (via

The leaker has actually altered its initial post to Tantrums and also asked developer Superstar to contact him. He might leak also extra, however would certainly be liquified for the matching consideration.

What happened after the leakage? It took a couple of hours, yet then the descents on came for copyright infractions. Developer Superstar has the product revealed, YouTube videos go offline everywhere online, pictures on Twitter can no more be gotten to.

** Why does the leaker need such a large amount?

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Inevitably, the leak hurt the entire video game and also in the long run we players possibly have downsides from the project. Our primary editor Day Minkowski has a clear opinion: the Mega-Leak damages GTA 6 and also rock star, however additionally the fans

** After a violent leakage at GTA 6, the leaker explained that it would certainly have even a lot more worldly about the game, additionally for the present irreversible burner 5/ online. Consisting of source code for GTA 6, but also for the presently very effective GTA 5 and also the solution component GTA online. In a telegram group, the Leaker wrote: The total source code as well as possessions for GTA 5 are offered, with each other with some papers regarding GTA 6. The leaker does not reveal its identification as well as there are already several accounts and individuals that pretend to be the leaker. GTA 5 and also GTA Online are still very successful, bringing the programmer a lot of cash.

GTA 5 as well as GTA Online are still incredibly successful, bringing the designer a lot of money. The complete source code would unlock for hackers and the Cash cow from Rock star would even be before the end. It’s regarding a great deal of cash as well as the leaker is additionally knowledgeable about it.

A challenging situation for everyone included. The fact that the leaker currently additionally demands money in the media is also much more opaque and also baffled. Everywhere there are cost-free motorcyclists that assure a piece of the cake.