God of War Ragnarök prefers to let you face tons of annoying and deadly enemies instead of big bosses at the moment. It is a little humiliating to be eaten by a crocodile after facing Thor, which only shows that Rates still has a way to go before recovering his past glory.

To avoid this shame of squeezing against Dream , MGG has prepared a guide with tips on how to defeat Waldheim’s crocodile. Unlike the battle against the god of thunder, Rates can count on the Arrows of Atreus as aid in the clash with Dream.

The purpose of this guide, as well as all those dedicated to the heads that will follow, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all lower levels as well.

Dream: What equipment to use?

This is the first boss you can really choose your equipment, whether at the level of the shield or armor. However, this is not of great importance in this case, as combat is relatively basic.

Use whatever you want. The fearless shield , which favors Parry, can shine in this fight, as the attacks are quite slow and predictable. But the other shield is equally viable and good for those who can’t hit the time of the retaliation constantly.

Dream: List of attacks and how to combat them

Dream is a very pleasant and satisfactory boss to fight, as all his attacks are easy to identify and deal with a little practice. However, it will tear your throat if you make a mistake. By managing the fight well, it is possible to attack aggressively and finish quickly.

RANT (normal attack) : Dream’s basic attack is easy to see, and it attacks only once or twice, so it’s not difficult to block or even trim.

RANT Guard eak (yellow attack) : A more powerful attack that will grasp it and then knock it to the floor if you are hit. APO, or Esquire to the side, to be behind Dream.

Tail blow (normal attack) : Just like Thor, perhaps the hardest attack to deal with is a basic attack as it has no special warning on the screen. The Tail Swipe happens quickly and comes immediately after Dream rises. Block or APP and then counterattack.

Electric Zone (Red Attack) : This deadly technique is very easy to see, as Dream only throws it when you are in melee combat. Any yellow arches in the area are also impossible to lose. In the case of a red circle, roll back and then get back to the electrified area. Get ready for the next red attack as well.

Electric BAFO (Red Attack) : Almost always released after the power area, this ability is used when Rates is far from Dream. Once again, it is easy to recognize and see coming and therefore avoid. Make a side dodge and run to the melee to defeat Waldheim’s crocodile.

Hall heel (yellow attack) : If for some reason you are distant from Dream, it has only two techniques, the eath and the big leap forward with devastating damage that will grab you. He also likes to use it at the end of the fight.

Fortunately, the color of the circle facilitates the identification of what the boss will do, and both can be handled the same way, with a side dodge . Theoretically, you can also trim it, but the right time is not that easy to get.

All that remains is to practice. Do not forget to use the Spartan fury when you have little life. Atreus will also help you with your arrows, remember to press square regularly. Also prepare for a simple small Ate at the end of the fight to eliminate the beast in the company of the son.