Six time ago, we mentioned The Road to Ragnarok – the Special Initiative World of Warcraft Classic (Season of Mastery), which consists in… on Hardcore Playing Wow-a.

More precisely: On the acquisition of the maximum level of experience and raising Ragnarok (the most difficult boss in ClassicVersion, Final Boss in the Molten Core Rally) without any death on your account.

This is easy to check because people taking part in The Road to Ragnarok must download a special add-on that verifies the life of the character and blocks all social elements (we can not use Auction House, Mailbox, Trade, we can not connect In the group in the open world, etc.).

And so it happens that today at night (from Saturday to Sunday) the first hardcore guild (about how eloquent name HC Elite ) set off to Molten Core and killed all ten bosses – including the legendary Ragnarok. Only two people have fallen throughout the rally, so the expedition can probably be considered success.

And players who remained alive may already praise all and against the entire World of Warcraft Classic in hardcore mode.

The is just called achievement!

The expedition to Molten Core was watching almost 50,000 spectators on Twitch.


Last minutes of fighting:

Whole POV: