Conceivable Bad season start for Vettel: as the Aston-Martin Rennsten announced on Thursday today, the heppsheimer on Corona is ill and missed the season opener on Sunday in Bahrain. As it goes Vettel, Aston Martin did not give any information.

Vettel’s Landsmann Nico Hülkenberg replaces the Hesse at the Grand Prix in the desert state.

STROLL OTW JUARA DUNIA? - Duit Melimpah, Bisakah Aston Martin jadi Tim Besar di F1

Hülkenberg is already increasing for the third time as a substitute driver for a pilot of Corona at Aston Martin or the predecessor team Racing Point.

In 2020, in the first year, the Emmerich had first represented Sergio Perez in the first year after his out as a regular driver at Renault at two races in Silverstone, later also Lance Stroll at the home race on the Nürburgring.

His missions Hülkenberg reached a seventh and a eighth place. The first race in Silverstone could not start the Emmerich for technical problems.

In the past week, McLaren-Pilot Daniel Ricciardo had missed the test rides due to Corona. However, the Australian is ready to drive again.