QA is considered a poorly occupational job of the global game industry worker. It is relatively low in which the salary is relatively low, even with the lowest percentage of the labor strength, compared with other stages. As a US representative game, the Activision Bleeds of the US is also low in QA Unlimited Full Regular Equipment, and the Call of Duty: The Raven Software QA employees, who developed Black Ops Cold War, promoted the establishment of labor unions in the future.

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This and later activity of the Activision Blizzard made a great decision. All of the 1,100 QA employees, who work in the United States, will be able to convert all of the 1,100 to the regular worker, and the urgency is at least $ 20 (about 2,400 won). In addition, the incentives and in-house welfare provided by the company are also supported.

Blizzard Mike Ibara CEO announced on the top of the company’s email sent to the 7th (local standards) employees. In addition, he has been explained several times through meeting the opinions of QA team members of QA team members in the past six months, and a meeting on contracts and regular workers. Both the company members say that QA has the best play experience and is necessary to succeed. “

However, in Qa staff, which is converted to full-time, Raven software is excluded and not raised. In this regard, Activision Blizzard said, “We can not apply the benefit rate to Raven software because the compensation system will change due to legal obligation due to National Labor Relations Act.”

Raven Software established a union based on the support of the Communications Workers of America. 78% of employees approved union, but the company has not officially recognized the union. In this way, the union is waiting for the current committee decision by putting petitions to the National Labor Relations Board (National Labor Relations Board) before making official voting on union establishment.

This is to improve the treatment only for QA employees except Raven Software Assurance. Shara Steffens, the Secretary General of the United States, pointed out that the Secretary-General of the Secretary Steffens is through her official statement, which eventually divides workers and interferes with labor unionship. Subsequently, this situation was corrected on the activity of the Active Bleedside, and demanded that it respects the unity to ensure the law.

In this regard, Activision Blizzard said that the QA regular work conversion was held last year, and it is a separate from Raven Software Union. In addition, the Raven Software situation was limited to Raven, which was limited to the Raven. The treatment of the QA employee was obviously a positive part, but the conflict with Raven Software employees with the establishment of unions was not finished.