A source has declared that Call of Duty Remarizations are on the way. In the era of remastering, it is a bit surprising that there has been no more call of duty remasterizations. Activision has bet strongly for the franchise for years, but there have only been two call of duty remastering ironically, the two remasters come from the Modern_ Trilogy, but the editor has been declared that he is not even working on a remaster for modern Warfare 3 , the last game of the saga. There is an incomplete remastered trilogy that perhaps never receive its modernized conclusion, but that does not mean that Activision stops the train remastered in its entirety.

According to privileged information Ralphsvalve, Activision is planning more Remasterizations of Call of Duty, apparently for next year. Ralphsvalve points out that they have heard that it called duty, call from duty 2_ and _ called the duty world at war_ are the games that Activision is currently considering. It is not clear if that means that the publisher would work to remaste all in a collection or if it would stand al1. In addition to this, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remasterized is also being considered for Nintendo Switch. All these possible remastering would be used to fill the void between the new calls of Call of Duty. It has been reported that there will be no Call of Duty game next year, but Activision has not yet officially confirmed it.

It is also expected that Activision Lance Call of Duty: war zone 2 next year, but has not offered a specific date for it. A sequel to the duty of duty: modern war is scheduled to launch this year and more information is expected to be published this summer. Among the rumored activision delay of next year’s entrance and the imminent completion of the purchase of the editor by Microsoft, many things are happening. It remains to be seen if everything is for better or not.

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