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A fan of Majors Mask demonstrates how the Earth map is seen ending with all its locations connected along adequate roads and roads.
A fan of Zelda’s legend The series used some creative media to make a complete representation of the end map, the scenario of The Legend of Zelda: Majors Mask, with each part of the map correctly connected along roads and routes.

Then, the Fan published his work on Reddit, where other Majors fans mask congratulated them for their work and remembered good memories of their time in Fin.


The second game of N64 of the series, The Legend of Zelda: Majors Mask, was launched in 2000, only two years after his predecessor, Ocarina of Time.
Majors Mask saw a young link ended up in Final, where the hero of time was locked in an ironic time loop upon arrival.
At the mercy of Skull Kid, who was possessed by the starting mask, Link became a DEU Scrub and looked for a way to break the curse.
With the help of the seller of happy masks, Link returned to normal and was able to take advantage of the power of 24 unique masks to obtain new forms and skills in order to avoid the terrible destiny that awaited him.
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