The growth of your population is the basis of the country’s stability. A country or state must make sure that they satisfy the needs of the population in order to prevent migration or emigration, which will lead to loss of labor and wealth.

Naturally, the population living in the state or country will have its own special needs, desires and aspects of life. Standard of living. Based on this, they will decide whether they want to migrate or not.

Migration means massive movement of the population from one place to another within one state/market. The mechanism standing for the desire of the priest to migrate or emigrate in Victoria 3 is quite complicated.

That is why in this leadership we will consider how to manage migration in Victoria 3.

how migration works in Victoria 3

In the country, the only factor affecting the desire of the population to migrate is its standard of living, but they may or cannot, this is another story. The ability of your population to migrate is determined by the laws of your country. There are three migration laws that you can find in the head of human rights in the laws’ menu.

As soon as the migration is turned on, the population will be able to freely migrate depending on whether they are satisfied with their lives or not, that is, the standard of living. The fact that determines what state they will go to is the attractiveness of migration.

How Migration Attraction works in Victoria 3

The attractiveness of migration, as the name implies, is the main indicator of how suitable for migration. As a rule, it depends on the average standard of living there.

Naturally, if the population is configured for migration, it will move from a state of a lower standard of living to a higher standard of living, i.e. From the place of lower migration attraction to the place of higher migration attraction.

In addition to the standard of living, several more factors influence the level of migration attractiveness, but they are not so effective:

  • Level of devastation and destruction after the war
  • Pitch unemployment values

If you want to support the high bar of the state’s migration attractiveness, you can take a few more steps in addition to solving the above problems.

  • Creation of market capital or shopping centers
  • Application of the law on colonial relocation
  • Using a decree on more green grass

Emigration in target objects of migration

There is a global mechanism that copes with the type of unrest called a cultural mess. This happens between the settlements of the same culture, and the player can do this to this.

Depending on the global levels of cultural shocks, the game can automatically choose the purpose of migration for appropriate settlements. The population from around the world will begin to migrate massively to target objects of migration. This is called emigration.