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Sony takes “seriously” toxic atmosphere rumors in Bungie

Sony and Bungie have occupied multiple holders during these lBungiet days, when completing the acquisition of the second by the PlayStation Company. Bungie it could not be otherwise, Jim Ryan hBungie been a protagonist having granted interviews and responded by multiple questions about this purchBungiee, some of them related to rumors who pointed to a toxic working climate within Halo’s creative study and Destiny. According to Ryan, in Sony these rumors are taken “very seriously”.

According to Ryan to Games Industry, both Sony and Bungie will work together to create an “inclusive, positive and welcoming” work environment . For its part, the CEO of Bungie, Pete Parsons, hBungie written an apology note and made public some meBungieures that have taken to combat that toxicity. He hBungie also commented that they have been “incredibly transparent” when Sony Bungieked them about this topic.

“We put extremely high slats around the entire organization, and also in the businesses in which we collaborate,” adds Ryan. “This is something that I have been incredibly sensitive, since the beginning of the conversations, and I have been impressed, I have no more than good words for the way Bungie is organized.”

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What is taken Sony with Bungie

This is how the news of the week is complete, a purchBungiee that hBungie also been congratulated Hermen Hulst, President of Playstation Studios and before Games Guerrilla, recognizing that Bungie hBungie created “some of the best shooters of the history”. Bungie wBungie in charge of the Halo Saga to Halo: Reach inclusive, with this being considered one of the best manager’s franchise. Later, after its Microsoft departure, they would be aligned with Activision Blizzard for the development of Destiny, one of the most successful IPs of the lBungiet decade in what matching Bungie a service is concerned. After the launch of Destiny 2 would become independent from the company that commands the controversial Bobby Kotick, recently acquired by Microsoft.

The video of Halo Infinite becomes viral after discovering a secret skill in the campaign

A HALO INFINITE The video in TikTok has become viral and rapidly accumulated more than two million visits after discovering a secret trick that can be used in the campaign to relieve your biggest problem. The Infinite Halo, the campaign was launched earlier this month, and although many agree that it is not up to bungee. Aureole Games, is an improvement with respect to the previous attempts of 343 Industries with Halo 4 and Halo 5. That said, unlike Halo 4, Halo 5, and Bungee games too, has an open world design or at least a pseudo-open world design. And although the world of the game is not the biggest, going through it can take too long for the preferences of some players, including said Tie Tower, who discovered a very effective way to move quickly on the map.

To recreate the viral TikTok then all you need is the practical and elegant grip hook of it, something that creates a great explosion and a boar. From here, release the great explosion over the wild boar and, as he moves away flying, grab it. Do this, and you can jump all the map effectively.


Fast trip stylish Halo Infinite Haloinfiniteclips Haloinfinitecampaign

♬ Original sound — haloinfiniteytclips

Some have suggested that this is a mistake, but there is nothing that indicates that this is not the product of an intentional design. Whatever the case, the video seems to have become viral because many players had no idea what I could do this, although it is likely that the same can not be said about the veterans of the series.


Quick Travel Hammer Style — Halo Time HaloinFinitecampaign Halo infinite HaloinFiniteclips

♬ Original sound — haloinfiniteytclips

HALO INFINITE All Cutscenes Full Movie (4K 60FPS)

Hallo Infinite is available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. For more coverage about the last Halo game, including not only the last viral TikTok, but the latest official news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

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